Program Name: The Teen Entrepreneur

In this year-long mentoring program, students discover and develop their entrepreneurial strengths. They learn to think like an entrepreneur and develop critical business skills. They start to see the world as full of opportunities and become adept at coming up with their own business ideas. They learn frameworks, techniques, and tools to evaluate and develop their business ideas. Students work on their own unique ventures, develop a Business Plan, Financial Plan, and Marketing Plan, build their own website, create a Business Pitch and launch their own unique venture.



For who:

For students who want to learn the fundamentals of building a new business from an early age, in order to prepare themselves for action tomorrow and to help capitalize on the new ecosystem that the nation is building.


Program Benefits for students:

  • A regular connect with the Industry professionals
  • Certificate on the completion of the program
  • Access to Venture Builder Platform
  • Access to community of Young Entrepreneurs and Mentors
  • Opportunities to showcase ventures on National and International Platforms


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