Program Name: Staying Relevant as Parents in times of Social Media

This can prove to be dangerous in the long run. It is close to losing a child. Gradually the distance begins to increase and the parents begin to become irrelevant to their child’s existence. In the hyperconnected world we live in today, it is not difficult for the teen to find a digital/unconstitutional family outside of the biological one.

Parents need to discover and define their agency against this potential scenario. How do they remain relevant to their teens today?



For who:

  • Parents of teenagers


Program Benefits for parents

  • Helps you retain a sense of wonder and awe about life
  • Gives your teen the confidence to negotiate their youth with greater clarity
  • Encourages your teen to build up the tools to make social media work for them


The Impact

  • A strong bond between you and your teen
  • Your children’s experience of social media becomes both safe and fun
  • An educated teen who knows what is okay and safe to post online, and what isn’t


Why This Program

  • Social media platforms have a dramatic influence on teens and pose unique challenges for parents
  • Excessive use of social media increases mental health problems in children


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