Program Name: Smartphone Orientation for Teens

At an age when curiosity is at its peak and there is an intense desire for validation, the teen is certain to roam far and wide on the slippery digital highways. The internet validates. The internet assures. The Internet lets you curate your personal version of yourself and life. And your teens neither have the experience nor the guidelines from anyone invested in them to be able to tell the difference between the real and projected.

What can we do therefore? Ideally do not buy your teens a smartphone. But given the learning from home scenario and all the advantages of the device, sit down with them while unboxing the smartphone and make a serious presentation. About the guidelines and the expectations.



For who:

  • Parents of teenagers


Program Benefits for parents

  • Teaches you how to appreciate the smartphone and use it to keep your teen and the family safe
  • You learn to show them how to use the smartphone with a sense of responsibility and accountability
  • Your teen learns to respect the family boundaries


The Impact

  • An informed teen who is able to notice when the smartphone becomes harmful and then being able to separate
  • Protection against the toxicity of smartphone addiction


Why This Program

  • Denying your teen a smartphone –the quintessential 21st-century accessory is difficult
  • A smartphone could be an addictive distraction


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