Program Name: Parent Teens Connection

There is so much noise in the environment today that families find themselves on emotional roller coasters, powerless to help themselves. Who does one talk to? Where does one go? A parent-teen relationship is sensitive, charged and crucial on life’s timeline. What is needed at times is an outside, aware and compassionate agency that can mirror the family dynamics and help the unit choose a smarter direction for themselves.



For who:

  • Parents and Teenagers who want to connect and communicate better together


Program Benefits for parents

  • Gain new insights into each other’s compulsions and motivations
  • Learn to communicate in non-violent ways that are good for everybody’s overall emotional health
  • Recognize and imbibe the tools and techniques to be psychologically safe for each other


The Impact

  • An open and more communicative relationship with your teen
  • A deeper sense of mutual trust and confidence
  • Greater flexibility and harmony in the family


Why This Program

  • The program delivered by India’s elite teen mentor
  • Self-paced or mentor-led



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