Program Name: Nurturing Teen Introverts

Society dictates that teens must learn to speak up, to shout down each other in group discussions, to participate in brainstorming where the quality of ideas is based upon the desire to keep the peace. Group wisdom has come to be held up as paramount but the truth is that Harry Potter, Google, and the theory of Relativity were all born from the solitude of introverts.

For far too long, teenagers have suffered shame and judgment for being “too quiet” or “too shy” or “too under-confident” but what if they are just a different personality type with tremendous talents that society is wasting. It is time to acknowledge their quiet brilliance.



For who

  • Parents of teenagers


Program Benefits for parents

  • Enables your teen to withstand negative peer messages
  • Establishes real connections with family and friends
  • Your teen enjoys better emotional and mental health


The Impact

  • A life safer and lighter and less inadequate
  • An empowered and flourishing teen
  • An increased acceptance of your introverted teenager


Why This Program

  • It’s confusing or frustrating to parent an introvert
  • Helps you find out ways your teen can socialize


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