Program Name: Intelligent Handling of the Teen years of your adolescent

And then the changes -physical, emotional and mental -teens undergo can throw the lives of young teens and their parents off-balance. It can be very frustrating handling a teen in these years. Parents often worry about their teen’s rocky emotions, rebellion, peer pressure, stress and low motivation towards their goals.

This program brings to you the wisdom and practical tips to help you raise your teens smart and indistractable, and not controlled and coerced by others.



For who:

  • Parents of teenagers who’re struggling in their relationship with their teenager


Program Benefits for parents

  • Sensitizes you to social-emotional changes adolescents go through
  • Builds better understanding between you and your teen
  • Builds an atmosphere of trust and openness


The Impact

  • The happier relationship that will grow stronger with time
  • More warmth and mutual respect
  • More trusting relationship


Why This Program

  • Teenage is the time when your teen will need the best of you
  • Your perfect source of the right information to support your parenting years


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