Program Name: Choosing the Perfect Career

PTW –CDP is your teen’s online space to take the right steps and design the career and life they want. Our career experts are well-equipped to guide your teen step-by-step journey towards a perfect career path. Let’s help your teen start designing their career today!



For who:

  • Best for career conscious and motivated students: classes 9/10


Program Benefits

  • Helps you identify your true strengths, talents, and skills
  • Align your interest and aptitude with best career options
  • Support you to make informed decisions about your subject choices and pathways
  • Introduces you to the world of work
  • Gives you access to information that is outside of your immediate social network


The Impact

  • Ensures your career is constructed through your choices
  • Brings in the right information to enable you make the right career move
  • Smooth transition from school to college
  • Reduces the risk of poor academic outcomes


Why This Program

  • Program delivered by India’s award-winning career coach
  • Employs the best psychometric testing tools
  • Helps you focus on your performance than worrying about which career, college or country


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