Program Name: Achieving Excellence in Life

They will learn these skills by observing and listening to others, and by experimenting and practicing leadership behaviors during the sessions. With guidance from the mentor, they will enter adulthood with a head start.

This program will help teens improve their personal competence and confidence. Development of leadership skills will also help them feel good about themselves and help them make the right decisions.



For who

  • Teenagers between 14 to 24 years of age


Program Benefits for parents

  • Enables your teen to achieve more by managing time effectively
  • Teaches your teen be more confident by practicing assertiveness
  • Develops leadership skills and take charge of life


The Impact

  • Your teen learns to take some ownership over the process and their own results!
  • Your teen becomes incredibly efficient to achieve excellence
  • Improved knowledge, success skills


Why This Program

  • Ideal for students who are looking for a way to balance all of the demands and challenges from school, sports, and other activities
  • The program is delivered by the John Maxwell trained coach


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