Product Name: Tackling Teen Bullying

It is important to remember that a child has the potential to be bullied but also to be a bully himself/herself.

Right now, the adults are too busy to pay attention until a crisis hits them. But the volume and destructive nature and internet facilitation of bullying demands that the subject be addressed with a sense of urgency.



For who:

  • Parents of teenagers


Program Benefits for parents

  • Increases their awareness and understanding about bullying
  • Brings you useful information on the issues of bullying and intimidation.
  • Develops respect for themselves and others.


The Impact

  • A confident teen who can address the situation effectively
  • Better skills such as assertiveness, and conflict resolution to handle it
  • Teen equipped with better strategies to deal with bullying


Why This Program

  • Being bullied is hurtful and humiliating
  • It serves you as your toolkit of ideas


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