Program Name: Finding Life's Better Ways

Times demand that you collaborate with professionals who can guide and mentor your teen to see them becoming and doing every right for themselves! This PTW Life Design Program comes with an assurance that your teen will accept and respect themselves for who they are today and will embrace a more conscious path of life tomorrow, with a greater sense of responsibility and ownership for their life. If you want your teen to take control of their your life, the following program will help them do so.



For who:

  • Teenagers between 13 to 24 years of age who want to get their life straight


Program Benefits for your teenager

  • Brings out a new level of clarity about the life’s aims and ambitions
  • Enables your teenager to organize their life in a manner that is fruitful
  • Creates a positive outlook on life


The Impact

  • Become role-model for their siblings and peers.
  • Recognition in academic and social life
  • Clear life vision and sense of navigation


Why This Program

  • Transforms lives by helping teenagers develop new habits
  • Enables them to create a vision for their life


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