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We enable you to live smarter!

The signature PTW Life Design programs, conceived and designed especially for Indian teens, are based on the notion that life, like any other event, can be better managed to ensure an individual lives and realizes their ambitions -escaping the usual pitfalls and emotional upheavals.

Behind every PTW Life Design program goes a deeper understanding and the enlightening thought that the time is just ripe for our teenagers to learn handling life more smartly from the professionals who can broaden their perspectives and bring more clarity on their life vision.

Each Life Design program is a personalized experience to allow a teenager take control of their life. We ensure each life design session enlightens, inspires, and uplifts your teen’s spirit for life. At the end of the program, your teenager can expect to have absolute certainty that they are well-equipped and on the right track to create a life of their conscious design. Now that is smartness!

You can choose from a wide range of our Life Design/Career Design programs to ensure you collaborate with wise professionals in one of the most interesting transitions of your teen and you as a parent.

Let’s trust PTW mentors to help your teen grow up to be a person you really like without losing yourself in the process.

We have live webinars, and individual sessions. PTW can customize the program to meet any budget. Just ask us!

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