Sandip Misra

Your Life Design Mentor

A John Maxwell Certified Coach. He is trained in ‘Effective Personal Productivity’ Program by Leadership Management International (LMI). He is also a Certified ‘Virtual Training Delivery Specialist’. He has been in Learning & Development for about two decades. He has clocked more than 23,000 training and coaching hours and has trained and coached close to 30,000 professionals across management levels.

Program Name:

Achieving Excellence in Life

For Who: 

Teens between 14-24 Years of Age

Mode of Delivery: Online

Where: Zoom Meeting App

Program Length: 6 Weeks

Duration/Session: 1 Hour

Frequency of sessions: 3/Month

Setting and achieving goals for teens can be daunting – they have big ideas and aspirations, but lack proper guidance and motivation. This program provides that essential mentoring to help them explore, develop, and learn skills like goal setting, time management, effective communication, assertiveness, and leadership skills.

They will learn these skills by observing and listening to others, and by experimenting and practicing leadership behaviors during the sessions. With guidance from the mentor, they will enter adulthood with a head start. This program will help teens improve their personal competence and confidence. Development of leadership skills will also help them feel good about themselves and help them make the right decisions.

Six sessions of an hour each, over a period of 2 months.

  1. Goal Setting and staying focused
  2. Managing your Time Effectively
  3. Communicate to connect
  4. How to become more Assertive
  5. Developing Leadership Skills, Ownership and Accountability
  6. Creating an Implementable Action Plan
  • How goals give you focus, allow you to measure progress, keep you undistracted
  • How continually revisiting your life goals and working on them help you
  • How time management improves your self-discipline, quality of work, reduces stress, and helps in accomplishing more and so on
  • Time management and secrets of prioritizing all your tasks and achieving your goals faster
  • The importance of getting connected in your communication
  • Communicating with ease and effortlessly
  • Assertiveness –the tool be more confident
  • Being assertive is a journey
  • How leadership facilitate Personal Growth – you will be a better student
  • A fantastic new journey of learning new skills
  • Action = Knowledge + Action = Result
  • Actions and their impact on life

At the end of the program your teenager will be able to:

  • Set smart Implementable goals
  • Achieve more by managing time effectively
  • Connect with people every single time
  • Become more confident by practicing assertiveness
  • Develop leadership skills and take charge of life
  • Put ideas into action and get amazing results