Dr Anju Chawla

Your Life Design Mentor

Dr Anju Chawla is an Internationally Accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach -Qualia Emotions Institute (France), Associate Certified Coach, ICF (USA), Executive & Leadership Coaching Certified Counselor by IAPCCT, TTT by Dale Carnegie Inc, Master Trainer for Behavioral Skills, author and recipient of the Excellence Award-2019 from NCCN, felicitated by ICAI two times in a row, she is also a Member, Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Practices with IIBP. She is a catalyst to make you friends with your emotions.


Program Name:

Positive Emotional Empowerment

For Who:

Teens between 14-24 Years of Age

Mode of Delivery: Online

Where: Zoom Meeting App

Program Length: 3 Weeks

Duration/Session: 1 Hour

Frequency of sessions: 1/Week

Parents and children belong to different generations and hence thoughts have different words, tonality timings and pace. And we, often, witness a clash of interest between parents and Teens. - It is not because teens don’t feel what their parents feel, but teens certainly expect a different space and equal respect from parents. Today’s teens or the generation alpha is clear on what they want and, even how they want it happen. Parents perceive this attitude as adamant. Hence a gap stems up leading to some degree of distrust from both sides.

This program helps both parents and teens to identify their own emotions and regulate them to create better bonds. The underlying philosophy of the program -emotionally smart families earn better gifts and make better choices pervades each session you join in.

Three sessions of an hour each, over a period of 3 weeks

  1. Mentoring Parents
  2. Mentoring Teen
  3. Mentor- Teen & Parent
  • Goal setting
  • Pain areas of parents with teen & Gathering suggestion
  • Finding a route to apply being aware of the ecosystem
  • Goal setting
  • Teens issues & Gathering their expectations
  • Settling the Chaos. Conflict, Complex within teen

The right interpretation of emotional meaning attached to each dialogue that’s open.

At the end of the program your teenager will be able to:

  • You will gain more self-awareness
  • You will gain more social-awareness
  • You will learn to take a Pause to understand other’s meaning and hence develop empathy
  • You will learn to express yourself more efficiently