Dr Veena Krishnan PTW LDP

Dr. Veena Krishnan

Your Life Design Mentor

Celebrity emotional well-being expert trained from the central institute of psychiatry Ranchi-Now with more than 3 decades of experience in the field of mental and emotional well-being. Having empanelled with various organizations in Dehradun. Conducting training programs in the state in the prevention of substance use and human trafficking. 

Supporting student mental health in schools and colleges. Since 2009 Clinical psychologist & counselor, student health services University of petroleum and energy studies. Creating awareness programs for national TV &widely covered in print media as a mental health expert.

PTW LDP Intelligent Handling Veena Krishnan

Program Name:

Intelligent Handling of the Teen years of your adolescent

For Who: 

Parents & Teens

Mode of Delivery: Online

Where: Zoom Meeting App

Program Length: 3 Weeks

Duration/Session: 1 Hour

Frequency of sessions: 1/Month

Teen or adolescent years can be a challenging time for children and parents alike. Parents often find themselves unprepared and they may view these years are challenging. Teen years are the time when parents can greatly influence the growth and development of their children. We often think we have sold our children for less if we expect little from them and we have sold ourselves short if we believe that we haven’t had any influence.

And then the changes -physical, emotional and mental -teens undergo can throw the lives of young teens and their parents off-balance. It can be very frustrating handling a teen in these years. Parents often worry about their teen’s rocky emotions, rebellion, peer pressure, stress and low motivation towards their goals.

This program brings to you the wisdom and practical tips to help you raise your teens smart and indistractable, and not controlled and coerced by others.

Three sessions of an hour each, over a period of 3 weeks

  1. Your parenting story and the future skills
  2. Your Teen’s Day out!
  3. Building together a great family
  • Understanding your parenting style and the existing challenges
  • Sharing the rare expertise and tips on raising and coping teen years
  • Listening to the big story of your teen's short adolescent years
  • Making a difference: how the story of their life, and that of the family, must develop beyond this point forward
  • Helping yourself to help each other
  • Learning to think and act as one great family

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Discover how to match your parenting style to your teen’s personality
  • Develop a roadmap for the coming years and prepare accordingly
  • Enhance their levels and quality of interactions with your teen
  • Learn about parenting best practices for teen years and have clarity on your questions
  • Know the strategies on how to engage meaningfully with your teen studies and life