Brait Konnekt

Program Name:

Brait Konnekt

For Who: 

Teens between 12 to 18 Years of Age

Mode of Delivery: online

Where: Zoom Meeting app

Program Length: 12 weeks, spread over 3 months

Group size: 10 students

Duration/Session: 1 hour

Frequency of sessions: weekly

The program delivered by a panel of PTW mentors

Teens are amazing. They are funny, smart, and highly spirited. They also tend to be messy, lazy, and quirky. Raising them to be someone disciplined, responsible, thoughtful, shows good judgment is every parent’s dream.

Curated by a panel of India’s elite teen mentors, Brait Konnekt develops your teenager to be someone who will act on conviction and stand up for their beliefs. You will see your teenager becoming a person who is thoughtful, smart, and someone who accepts and takes personal responsibility.

Brait Konnekt is your opportunity to invest in your teen’s positive social-emotional development. It provides your teen necessary motivation, creative engagement, and builds unwavering confidence to lead an empowered life tomorrow.

Twelve sessions of 2 hours each, over 3 months

  • Understanding your age, limits, and responsibilities


  • East and West: the cultural difference of the teen upbringing and expectations
  • Setting your values and life purpose
  • Identifying your priorities
  • Family: what is in it for you?
  • Thriving for academic achievements
  • Making sense of it all: politics, economics, healthy entertainment, reading, television, radio, social media, religion, and spirituality
  • Your first independent relationships: what do you put at stake?
  • Making a right career decision
  • Success skills and the world of work
  • Being emotionally sure!
  • Managing life’s most critical events

At the end of the program you get a teen who is:

  • Clear-headed, motivated, and focused
  • Well-informed and thoughtful
  • Smart, confident, and assertive
  • Emotionally sorted
  • Disciplined and self-regulated
  • Responsible and resilient
  • Ready for the world!