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If you are new to our webinars, we encourage you to allow your teen or yourself to experience one of our one-hour webinars. These one-hour webinars are completely free so that your teen or you can see the positive impact we necessarily make. 

We invite you to experience the wisdom and skills that transform your teen or you into a better them/you. These free online weekend programs are hosted once in a month, and the topic is always relevant to your teen and you.

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In an hour Webinar, joined by a good bunch of aware and curious parents, PTW Life Design mentors revealed what could help us Stay Relevant As Parents In Times Of Social Media.

Here are the key takeaways from the webinar:

What parenting used to be:

  • Get good medical support
  • Eat good
  • Dress and behave appropriately

What parenting has come about now:

  • Relatability
  • Creating Relatable connect
  • Adapting to the change before its expiry date
  • Belling the cat called 'Social media'
  • Relevant parenting practices

If you are interested to speak to the Webinar speakers and be mentored by them, write to us at [email protected]