We have put a lot of research work and a deep thought process in consultation with our advisors, mentors, social commentators and parents to create all PTW Life Design/Career Design Programs.

To choose an age and need appropriate PTW Life Design/Career Design Programs, you simply need to ask yourself, “What will help me the best?” And if you still find it confusing, you speak talk to a PTW mentor to help you choose one.

Most PTW Life Design/Career Design Programs are meant for teens between 13-24 teen years. So, you can always choose the one if you fall in this age group. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time for learning a right thing.

At PTW, we believe if you are not sorted as a person, you can sort your career! These programs will not only help you address your skills need, but also ensure your holistic development.

We will appreciate if you complete your program in its given time. However if you thought to self-pace it, you would need to speak to your mentor.

It is always good if you take your parents in confidence for anything that is going to impact your life and future.

We are aware of these persistent technical issues and ready to cooperate if you happen to face one. You can always speak to your mentor.

Not necessarily, always. Generally, it is your mentor’s discretion to see if an interaction with your parents will help achieve the set objectives of the programs. Though it is always good you ensure your parents get to know your mentor. This helps build confidence between you and your mentor. They will influence your life, after all.

Yes. You can always subscribe to our newsletter or, visit our Facebook page/Instagram for the schemes or promotions, we offer time to time.

Only PTW gives you this freedom to decide you want should mentor you, depending on their schedule and availability, at the time you are enrolling.

Yes. There’re Life Design Programs for parents, also. These programs are designed to ensure that they understand a teenager’s mind objectively, and bring in parenting elements that help build better relationship with their beloved teens.

The purpose of attending these program is ensure a better you, every time. If you think you can manage your time and learning, you can enrol for programs, you think will good to you. And then, you can always your program in a sequential way.

These programs are conducted throughout the week 24/7. For more information, you can get in touch with PTW via phone or email.

Your program mentor will inform you about what and how the resources will be shared with you.

Career counseling is a scientific way to establish and align careers which would most suit your personality type. You can write to us to know further how career counseling can help you in your academic journey and career.

Expert career coaches consider that the right time to engage with a career counselor is when you enter your senior school. However, career counseling/coaching can start as early as when you enter your middle school. But PTW advises it in your best interest to seek counseling when you can make sense of it.

All PTW program will earn you a certificate of completion of the program. However what matters most to us is –if we have been able to achieve the objectives and make a difference to your life.

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