Chetna Sabharwal

Your Career Design Mentor

Working for 25+ years as a career counselor. As a convinced believer of “multipotentialities”, she mentors her clients across all ages to reach their optimum potential through life coaching, assessments, and skill development. Conferred with various awards like “Expert of the year” by, “Jeevan Kaushal Ratna Award” for her excellence in counseling Services at the National level, and ‘Top 25 Mentors of India’ by Think CIQ.

Carrer Design Programs by Chetna Sabharwal

Program Name:

Choosing the Perfect Career

For Who: 

Students Classes: 9-10

Mode of Delivery: Online

Where: Zoom Meeting App

Program Length: 5 Weeks

Duration/Session: 1 Hour

Frequency of sessions: 1/Week

In a world of millions of career options finding your life’s work should not be your life’s work! Yet many of us find ourselves at a crossroads when helping our teens choose a perfect career for themselves. Most of the teens make random career choices following their parents, and peers. Indian is new to the idea of career counseling/mentoring. And it is until recently that career mentoring is only now beginning to gain the recognition it deserves. Informed parents are fast realizing the criticality of career guidance in deciding what their children should be doing that gets the best of their conscious hours.

PTW –CDP is your teen’s online space to take the right steps and design the career and life they want. Our career experts are well-equipped to guide your teen step-by-step journey towards a perfect career path.

Let’s help your teen start designing their career today!

Five sessions of an hour each, over a period of 1 month
1. Self Awareness + Self -Management Activities
2. Psychometric Test
3. Report Interpretation -What it speaks about you as a person
4. Developing Goals + Parent’s Session
5. Creating a five year career plan