Shivani Singh Kapoor

Shivani Singh Kapoor

Your Career Building Mentor

Founder, ThinkStartup is a serial entrepreneur and startup mentor. She has a successful track record of building and managing high impact, value-creating startups from the ground up. A graduate from IIT Delhi, executive MBA from IIM Cal and with 20 plus years of experience in the corporate sector and in entrepreneurship, her experience spans working across multiple continents, business functions and industry verticals. With her latest venture ThinkStartup, she is on a mission to nurture a spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership in today’s young students. She is also passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs and is a mentor to several women-led startups.

Career Building Program by Shivani Singh Kapoor
The Teen Entreprenur

Program Name:

The Teen Entrepreneur

For Who: 

Teens Between 14-24 Years of Age

This program is brought to you in special collaboration with - a unique startup by an IIT Delhi & IIM Calcutta alumnus.

Mode of Delivery: Online

Where: Zoom Meeting App

Program Length: 48 weeks, spread over 12 months

Group Size: 15 Students

Duration/Session: 1 Hour

Frequency of sessions: 1/Week

In this year-long mentoring program, students discover and develop their entrepreneurial strengths. They learn to think like an entrepreneur and develop critical business skills. They start to see the world as full of opportunities and become adept at coming up with their own business ideas. They learn frameworks, techniques, and tools to evaluate and develop their business ideas. Students work on their own unique ventures, develop a Business Plan, Financial Plan, and Marketing Plan, build their own website, create a Business Pitch and launch their own unique venture.

Entrepreneurship Education framework for school students draws upon best practices from the fields of Design Thinking, Business Modelling and Lean Startup and delivers the content through engaging lessons, case studies and individual projects.

  • Opportunity Identification
  • Competition Analysis
  • Customer Profiling
  • Business Modelling
  • Website Building
  • Business Communications
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Financial Planning
  • Leadership Skills
  • Getting Customers
  • Business Pitch

At the end of the program students:

  • Get an insight into future Career Choices
  • Learn from Experienced Entrepreneurs and Mentors
  • Showcase their unique abilities in their College Applications
  • Students develop and launch their own Hobby Startups
  • Students get opportunities to participate in National and International competitions